Images from the 2017 Hot Trod are now on sale

Yet again we've had a fantastic time marching around the Northumberland countryside, capturing as much as we could as we roamed. 

A huge thank you to the organisers for allowing us to parade around, and also the riders for your awesome posing.

Like Doddington, we are again selling our images. Those of you who are able to support us, thank you. As I explained following the event earlier in the year, this isn't some grand money making scheme, we're hoping to add to our equipment allowing us to show you all bigger and better media next year.

Images are digital downloads and will be available immediately after the checkout as well as via email.

If there are no images of you we are really sorry! We weren't selective, we captured as much as we were able to as we moved around the course.

We know not everyone can, or will want to support us, and that's fine (there's even a guide to cheating below) but to everyone that can, thank you again.

How to find your images

Each image in the shop is categorised using a sophisticated and elaborate code. It starts with the day (D1 or D2), then there is the rider number (001 - 121) then finally the number of the image. If you can remember your number and what day you were riding we're in business.

There are a few images where the numbers weren't in shot, these are listed under D1MISC_** or D2MISC_**.

How to cheat

We aren't precious about this, this is our way of asking for a little help but there are ways around it if you'd rather not.

  1. Persuade a relative to buy you it - tell them you'd like a memento but you can't afford it because your bike needs heaps of cash spent on it, someone will take pity.
  2. Hope I set it up wrong - each image has a thumbnail image that you can see before you buy which is watermarked and blurred, with so many to upload there's almost certainly going to be one image where the original is uploaded and you can sneakily save it.
  3. Get screen grabbing - within a week of the event there'll be a full video in the Videography section, just screenshot it and voila you've got your next Facebook profile picture.
  4. Email us and complain - like I said, not precious. If you think we have an absolute cheek asking for a couple of pound we won't argue and we'll send you what you like.
  5. Be patient - before too long we will have posted all of the original images on here in the Photography section, they'll be yours for the taking.
  6. Finally, the shameless approach - just post the blurry watermarked image as your next big Instagram hit, I'm sure you'll still get likes!